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Proved and helpful tips how to win online roulette bonus

online roulette bonus

Roulette is regarded as a queen of all casino games by right as it is presented in almost all brick and mortar and online casinos all over the world.

Usually, roulette is considered to be the game of luck, which means that it is fortune, which is a deterministic factor for gamblers' winning possibilities to get online roulette bonus while players' knowledge and skills do not matter so much as in blackjack or poker games.

However, experienced roulette players know perfectly that even in roulette they could significantly increase their chances to hit the house in case of wise choice of a huge variety of the best online roulette games variations and correct implementation of such betting strategies as Pivot system or Fibonacci system.

There are several proved and reliable roulette tips that would help you to improve your possibilities to win online roulette bonus decreasing the house edge essentially.

Choose European Roulette Instead of American one

The tip is obvious if you consider the difference between the game's variations: European roulette provides just one single zero position on its wheel while in American version of roulette play there is an additional double zero slot, which increases house odds from 2.63% up to 5.26%.

Search for La Partage and In Prison Rules Implementation

La Partage and In Prison rules are aimed to provide gamblers with more playing options in case of hitting zero position on roulette wheel if they make even-money bets.

The rules are quite similar and both of them allow players to withdraw the half of their bet's value instead of losing the whole amount.

La Partage and In Prison rules are usually applied in European and French roulette games and could decrease the house odds to 1.35%.

Do Not Make Five Number Bets

Five number bets are possible only in case of American roulette as they imply betting on double zero position and the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 0.

The bet is also called a 'sucker' bet as it provides quite poor payout of 6-1 while the house odds are 6.6 to 1.

Manage Your Bankroll Wisely

A lot of green gamblers consider all roulette table to be the same without taking to account the fact all of them have their own minimum and maximum values of wagers possible.

Players should be careful while choosing which game to join as they would go bankruptcy more likely and faster playing with a bankroll of $200 at roulette table, which demands $100 minimum bet.